Rebar 14


The high strength and light weight of each branch causes the consumption of fewer branches per volume unit, and is economically affordabletoefficiency(The value of strength and weight of Iran’s general standard range is number 3.32)

The ability to produce in a simple, ribbed and shaped waySpiral and compound (uniform, spindle) with the characteristic mark of tread 340, tread 400 and tread 500

  • Advanced laboratory equipment to perform standard tests:
  1. Traction device
  2. Bending and unbending machine
  3. sanding machineand scanning
  4. Metallography
  5. hardnesstester
  6. optical microscope
  7. Calculator
  8. Measuring toolslaboratory

– All equipment is periodically calibrated

–From all the mentioned products, the experts present the standard periodicallyand random sampletaken and sealed to the laboratory for testingstandard are sent.