About the Company

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Hirbod Zarandia Steel Industries (Hirbood Steel) is one of the most comprehensive steel production facilities in Iran and the region with a consistent, convergent distribution process based on a dynamic, agile production chain focused on entrepreneurship in Iran. The factory started in 2012 in Mamonia Industrial Park, Zarandia town, Markazi Province, Iran. It currently has an annual capacity of 2.5 million tons. The distribution chain offers steel bars in various dimensions, steel rebars in all diameters, and different types of industrial and construction pipes and profiles. Employing its main assets, that is, competent, skilled workforce and modern, up-to-date equipment; Hirbod Steel has quickly found its way into both domestic and foreign markets. Hirbod Steel believes its achievements to be the fruit of faith in god’s assistance and endless commitment to production, quality, distribution, and customer satisfaction at all times and places.

Vision and Mission

Hirbod Steel Industries is one of the largest steel producers whose primary goal is sustainable employment and improved livelihood for its family members. Therefore, in the particular economic context of Iran and notwithstanding the unjust sanctions imposed on the industry and in accordance with the guidance of the supreme leader, Hirbod steel does its best for further entrepreneurship and development of Hirbod family.
Hirbod steel aims to reach an annual production capacity of 2.7 tons, in addition to developing and establishing its branches to further penetrate into domestic and foreign markets and facilitate exports to other nations in order to introduce the Hirbod brand in Middle East and become the leading brand in this region by the means of updating manufacture technologies and equipment.


As one of the ten top Iranian companies in producing and distributing base metals focusing pipes, profiles, and rebars, Hirbod Zarandia Steel Industries relies on its efficient managers and committed, experienced, knowledgeable workforce and an environment based on ethical values, trust, honesty for its operations. Hirbod Zarandia Steel Industries utilizes advanced technology, best business practices, and indicators influencing production and business to have a considerable share in the production sector and target markets based on focused, targeted planning. The top objectives of the company are strengthening organizational culture via enhancing the feelings of belonging, satisfaction, self-confidence, and workforce efficiency as well as obtaining shareholder satisfaction by generating desirable profit.